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 Francoise and her toys

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Francoise and her toys _
Message(#) Sujet: Francoise and her toys Francoise and her toys Default12Mer 4 Sep 2013 - 17:37

I was  amused to come across this photo of Francoise with an unlikely companion- Donald Duck  (Nous Deux 938 of 1965).

    Francoise and her toys T2ec1615  I began to wonder if this was posed with a photographer's "prop" or if the cuddly toy belonged to Francoise herself. Such a photo would appeal to young female fans. There are other photos of her with toys
    Francoise and her toys 74091--41858618--u40983
Francoise and her toys 16273810 In her small studio in the Rue du Rocher,Paris 1963,with Donald and others.
  Francoise and her toys 16273811

This well known photo was obviously posed.

.Francoise and her toys 80d8fe10
 I wonder how Francoise feels about these today. Rather embarrassed,I expect!
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Francoise and her toys
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