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 Japanese LPs

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Japanese LPs _
Message(#) Sujet: Japanese LPs Japanese LPs Default12Dim 22 Déc 2013 - 17:29

On eBay I have bought several of the studio LPs released in Japan and to my amazement it looks as though the records have never been played,the vinyls (and inner sleeves) are in pristine condition, having that lustre new vinyl has,with no spindle marks or any other signs of use. They are truly MINT. The sleeves which being Japanese  are of good quality heavy cardboard show very few signs of wear,possibly only those commensurate with long storage. Has anyone else noticed this? It has made me wonder if the sales  at the time of release were disappointing and there is a quantity of new"old" stock in   Japan,which is now being "remaindered" as books are when they don't sell well.                                                                    My latest purchase is "Francoise",originally Vogue CLD 702 30(1966) in France but  according to geroki released as Vogue YX 8041 in Japan in the same year. It does not have the usual pink and white Vogue label;instead it has a plain white label which gives the song titles,  authors and composers,the record number and THLM-5243 (5244 on B side). There are a few Japanese characters and an oval symbol which looks like "JAMAC". Do the other Japanese Vogue LPs have a label like this,or have I come across a fake? Is it normal for them to have no copyright warning as western records do?
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Japanese LPs
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